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The Canadian Badlands – A Time Travel Dinosaur Adventure

As we drive eastward from Calgary, Alberta across the wide-open Canadian prairies quilted in various grain crops, we are lulled into the somewhat predictable conjecture as to what’s around the…

One Perfect Day in the Badlands

Most Calgarians have visited the Badlands at least once – this incredible, unique geological formation stretches all the way down to Arizona.

A Handshake in the Canadian Badlands

I was going through all the motions…it had been a whirlwind travel day of moving, moving, moving. We did introductions quickly in the parking lot and shook hands.

A Winter Hike In The Canadian Badlands Of Alberta

A visit to Drumheller, a town in the Red Deer River Valley in the Canadian Badlands of Alberta, offered a few surprises on a recent January weekend.

Seeking truth in the legends of John Ware

Alberta historian works with the National Film Board in hopes of introducing all of Canada to a black man who had a larger-than-life role in establishing the province

On the hunt in Medicine Hat

We all have those places – spots we’ve been to frequently but have never really visited. And such is the case of us with the city of Medicine Hat in…

Remembering our friend Christopher McLellan

Spirit is such an amazing, powerful force, especially when it is shared. Passed on from one person to another, it can spark curiosity, enthusiasm and joy.

Eye Candy: Alberta Badlands

Alberta's Badlands are home to striking topography and a spectacular night sky.